Gay Escorts
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Gay Escorts

gays escorts

Gay Escorts

Though gay escorts have been and still are the subject for famous novels and movies, they still are something mysterious, a sort of a myth.

Maybe because not many of us personally know one of these intriguing men —as far as we know!

Because invisibility is one of the facts that cover gay escorts with this aura of intrigue and mystery.

Of course social prejudice is the reason for escorts —both male and female— to hide under all sorts of other conventional jobs. The common alibi is sometimes “my job has me traveling constantly” or “my agenda is difficult to manage, everything is so last minute!”.

Novels and movies always depict the super successful gay escort who swims in money and leads a lifestyle comparable to rich people’s. The common escort is seldom so rich. Though isn’t the myth of the rich gay escort seducing and attractive anyway?

Their job is the answer to a very human need. The need of sex, tenderness and intimate communication. Yes, most of the people who don’t know nothing about escorts ever remember the fact of the tenderness as the closest sort of human communication. Many times the clients just need to experience the feeling of being noticed and taken care of.

You already guess there are escorts of all levels, logically for all kinds of clients. While many rich people hire escorts, also humble men do need an escort every now and then.

Consequently, there are also low cost escorts. That doesn’t mean they’re less handsome of less skilled! Every fish has her own ocean where she belongs to! The same concept of eco-system works for the escorts.

Escorts exist ever since. The name has changed, the way they work and the way they make their living has evolved parallel to societies.

gays escorts

During some of the past times they didn’t even have a name. Maybe because escort services were not given and taken consciously. They had a sort of lifetime agreement in exchange for many but also many different kinds of help.

Over time the escort relationships have grown shorter but more diverse. So also the payments did. One escort had very few clients in the past, and today one single escort can have hundreds of them, but serving them just for hours instead of weeks or nights.

Nowadays daily life is so nervous and unpredictable that an escort can only dream about having a weekly schedule. Escorts spend most of the time waiting for the phone to ring.

Usually clients need an immediate service for a very short period of time. Let’s say a weekend, and lately even just one hour.

Same as all other services, everything needs to be instant, short, concentrated and to the point.

That doesn’t mean though that some men do really need many hours and even days to balance their stressful lives.

Now you can imagine how flexible a gay escort needs to be! From flexible in time and place to flexible in satisfying a really wide range of needs, both physical and emotional.

Finally, some gay escorts are evolving into a sort of coach. Because the male client of today doesn’t only need sex as a mechanical act. You can satisfy a variety of sexual needs very easily in today’s market of sex.

What is difficult to find is genuine human intimacy. And that’s exactly what the best gay escorts excel at.

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