Do you know about lingam Massage for gay men?
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Lingam Massage for gay men

Lingam Massage for gay men

Did you ever hear about “lingam massage” before? Sometimes men send me notes just to ask what it is all about.

Before starting to describe what it is about we need to know the meaning of these words though!

“Lingam” is a Sanskrit word. And Sanskrit is the ancient language of Hinduism, from which the current languages in India have been evolving. There are evidences that prove it was already used 3.500 years ago. From then its use has been liturgical.

So don’t worry if you ever heard this word before!

“Lingam” means “magic wand” or “light stick”. It is a very elegant metaphor to refer to the male sexual organ. In other words, the “penis”.

As you already know what “massage” is about you can imagine that “lingam massage” is a very special grip.

At this point we need to mention another Sanskrit word. “Tantra”. This means “tissue” as a metaphor of “connection”.

So “Lingam massage” is a relevant part of Tantra. Tantra is also a 3500 years old wisdom source, exactly as Sanskrit languages. It covers human behaviour from spirituality to massage techniques. All these, with a very special approach to intimate communication.

The purpose of “lingam massage” is obviously a way to awaken the “kundalini” or “enlightenment” and the male “sexual energy”.

Ever since the tantric masseuses and masseurs have been using an amazing amount of very specific grips to stimulate the penis.

The grips are different ways to touch, caress and stroke the male sexual organ. Though also different rhythms and speeds.

Another relevant aspect of Tantra massage is the control of ejaculation. Since stress has always been present in human life, the properly executed “lingam massage” had the benefit of a much longer stimulation time. This allows the receiver to forget about worries. The therapy effect is a very amazing one! You just need to try it sometime to understand it.

You could compare lingam massage to something we nowadays call “edging”, a much longer stimulation avoiding climax. So climax is not a fundamental goal of the Tantric techniques. It is seen just a “side effect”.

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