Prostate massage for men: For both straight and gay men, by the way!
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Prostate massage for men

Prostate massage for men

Once a man discovers prostate massage, usually there is no way back!

The reason is as simple and as powerful as its blissfulness! Something that may suggest uneasiness turns out to be an amazing discovery! For both straight and gay men, by the way!

There is a lot of prejudice and sexism in our daily decisions. And prostate massage for men is no exception!

Intimate spots and intimate stimulations are also restricted to the circle of the very intimate. You don’t discuss these issues with your best friend! Maybe with a doctor or a therapist. So you bet I get to know a lot of first-hand questions and testimonials about this specific massage feature!

As you know, men and women have gender-specific organs. Some organs are shared among all human beings, some others aren’t. While only women have ovaries, only men do have a prostate. I’m mentioning this fact because I recently served a lady who asked she wanted to try prostate massage as well. I had no other option than telling her “unfortunately you can’t have it”.

Performing prostate massage is an art. It needs both training, experience and a lot of care.

To perform the perfect prostate stimulation you need to give it gradually, and mixed among many other grips during the massage session.

It is crucial to start stimulating the sphincter, using some warm massage oil or cream. Little by little, you start using a finger. Don’t forget to use some protection! There are special finger-sized latex condoms. Remember that safety and hygiene should always be present in all sorts of massage!

It is also relevant to read the receiver’s reactions. If this massage is pleasing to the receiver, you can go on daring to go a bit deeper.

There’ll be a moment you will be able to feel the prostate inside the receiver’s colon. At this point you can sue several different massage movements to stimulate it.

As unbelievable as it seems, many men are able to reach climax during this stimulation. I mention this fact because there’s a wide-spread idea that only genital orgasms are possible. Anal orgasms do also exist and they unchain an amazingly new and different pleasure on men!

So it’s time to over-come your prejudice and try this! Be careful with your decisions! Trust only the most professional masseurs!

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